Hvor kystlinjen
møter hverandre

A project by Kine Hokholt Bjelland,
Floortje Zonneveld & Eva Bullens
Jan-Feb 2020, Træna, Norway

Play the audio walk here

About the project

In the winter ‘20, Artists Kine Hokholt Bjelland, Floortje Zonneveld & Eva Bullens have created an audio walk together with the children of Træna; to whom the island is their home.

Every rock, every part of the coastline, surrounding them, snow-covered or not, is their playground.

We invited the pupils on creative hikes and indoor activities.

Doing this we created space for experimentation, collective sound-recordings and more in dept storytelling.

This resulted in an audio walk.

With the audio walk you can experience Træna through the eyes of the local children.

You will get to know the island and be inspired to connect to their natural backyard as your own.

The audio walk premiered at Ta Træna Med Storm Festival and is currently available for all visitors at the Træna tourist office.

Special thanks to Tenk Træna, AiR Træna and Husøy Skole.


Nature is

not a place
to visit.

It is our


— Gary Schneider