Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.


— Lao Tzu


The Slow Adventure is an ongoing location based, collective artistic research project initiated by
Eva Bullens & Floortje Zonneveld.

We raise a dialog that illuminates the landscape and give insights into the nature of things.

While walking we collectively perform in site-specific experiments and creative acts.

We open up all our senses
(touch, sound, vision, smell) to experience what comes on our
path and we document our explorations by printing, collecting
and recording.

Altogether the artistic research results into new insights about the human scale within a landscape, simple acts of walking and marking, creating a sense of place, time and distance.

This can result in a temporary multimedia exhibition, open for everyone to use as a resource. A space and time to collectively reflect and start a dialogue. 

Or it can lead to a more transmittable form, like an audio walk. A document that transforms stories and insights into a guide towards new experiences. 


Nature is
not a place
to visit.

It is our


— Gary Schneider

For us, this project is about reinterpreting our human relation to our ‘home’ and it’s surrounding nature.

In our projects we encourage and facilitate encounters among people. By exploring the outdoors with our senses, we embody the feeling of being alive in images, sounds, conversation, cooking and writings.

We invite you to think while you move, touch, listen – and then express yourself (create / draw / write). A method to research and learn while being in community. 

Eva Bullens and Floortje Zonneveld create and organize art projects that re-inhabit and reclaim collectivity in public space.

Together they design artistic research projects for education and art workshops for events and festivals.

Beside this they each run a practice in the field of artistic research, social practice, collaborational processes and (video)design.

Floortje is trained as an Arctic Nature Guide, and now works regularly as a guide in the arctic and as a artist/educator for the Artica art centre on Svalbard.

Floortje’s INSTAGRAM 

Eva works on the intersection of art and social justice, researching and conceptualizing collectivity.


Walking is a state in which the mind,
body and the world are aligned…
It produces thoughts, experiences, arrivals. 

– Rebecca Solnit