When we speak of Nature
it is wrong to forget that
we are ourselves
a part of Nature.


— Henri Matisse




The Slow Adventure is an ongoing location based, collective artistic research project initiated by
Eva Bullens & Floortje Zonneveld.

Ga mee op avontuur met de kinderen van Utrecht! Gebruik je zintuigen, luister naar de verhalen en beleef de stad op een hele nieuwe manier.

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Past locations

22 — Kvívík, Nólsoy, Sumba, Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands for Listaleypurin
The 19th Island – Where time does not exist


21 — Longyearbyen & Pyramiden, Svalbard with Artica Svalbard
A year without trees


21 — Den Haag, The Netherlands, at the 8th International Degrowth Conference


21 — Sandur, Strendur, Runavik, Skala,
Faroe Islands for Listaleypurin

Where the mountains meet each other


20 — Træna, Norway with Tenk Træna

Hvor kystlinjen møter hverandre


20 — Online, with Føroya Folkáháskulín

The Online Slow Adventure


19 — Rotterdam, The Netherlands, at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Neulab Thursday Night Workshop


19 — Velbastadur, Tórshavn, Skopun, Faroe Islands for Listaleypurin

The Slow Adventure is an exploration into the world we live in.

We raise a dialog that illuminates the landscape and give insights into the nature of things.

While walking we collectively perform in site-specific
experiments and creative acts.

We open up all our senses
(touch, sound, vision, smell) to experience what comes on our
path and we document our explorations by printing, collecting
and recording.

Nature s not a place to visit.
It is our home.


— Gary Schneider